Save time by registering parcels online

PAXI enables businesses to capture parcel details online and then do a quick drop at a PAXI point. This saves time for businesses sending multiple parcels.


Buy a PAXI bag, online or in-store.


Register your parcel by completing the parcel information.


Take the registered parcels to a PAXI point and do a quick drop.
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Pick and pack your orders at a location that is convenient to you, no need to stand in-store to do so. Save time when capturing customers details and a destination PAXI point. Quick drop at a PAXI point.

Manage parcels

Track and manage all your business parcels in one place.


PAXI charges no extra fees for registering your parcels online. PAXI provides the same affordable store to store prices.
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Standard Bag Size450mm x 370mm Max 5kg

3-5 Business Days R109.95
7-9 Business Days R59.95

Large Bag Size
640mm x 510mm Max 10kg

3-5 Business Days R139.95
7-9 Business Days R109.95

Delivery times

The delivery time of your parcels will depend on the service bag that was selected when buying your PAXI bag. PAXI offers a 3-5 business day and 7-9 business day service. 
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