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Whether you’re growing the customer base of your first small business or looking for a secure way to get your products to customers across South Africa, PAXI Business can be tailored to suit your business' needs - big or small.

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Why use PAXI for business



Send, collect or return your parcels from any PAXI point.



Affordable and reliable transport partners.


Customers first

Prioritising the best customer experience and needs.


Tailored solutions

Ensuring that PAXI works for your unique business needs.

Save time by registering parcels online

PAXI enables businesses to capture parcel details online and then do a quick drop at a PAXI point. This saves time for businesses sending multiple parcels.


Buy a PAXI bag, online or in-store.


Register your parcel by completing the parcel information.


Take the registered parcels to a PAXI point and do a quick drop.
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Pick and pack your orders at a location that is convenient to you, no need to stand in-store to do so. Save time when capturing customers details and a destination PAXI point. Quick drop at a PAXI point.

Manage parcels

Track and manage all your business parcels in one place.


PAXI charges no extra fees for registering your parcels online. PAXI provides the same affordable store to store prices.
Order Bags Online


Standard Bag Size
450mm x 370mm Max 5kg

3-5 Business Days R99.95
7-9 Business Days R59.95

Large Bag Size
640mm x 510mm Max 10kg

3-5 Business Days R139.95
7-9 Business Days R109.95

Delivery times

The delivery time of your parcels will depend on the service bag that was selected when buying your PAXI bag. PAXI offers a 3-5 business day and 7-9 business day service. 
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Add PAXI as a delivery option to your online shop

Give your customers the option to get their orders delivered to one of the 2800+ PAXI points countrywide, by adding in the PAXI plugin to your online shop.


Install the PAXI plugin or widget to your online store.


Customers can select their preferred PAXI pick-up point during the check out process.


Delivery will take place at the chosen PAXI point for collection by the customer.
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Allow your customers to select their most convenient PAXI Point from an interactive map.

The selected PAXI point will then be saved against their order.

Businesses can easily manage their PAXI orders while picking & packing.


Integrate the PAXI widget into your online platform.

Shopify Plugin

Watch this space → Coming soon
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Make the most of
your marketplace

 South Africans love a good marketplace. PAXI offers you 2 easy options for sending goods to buyers from sellers, depending on your business needs.


Integrate our PAXI Point Locator onto your site.


Inform your marketplace users on how PAXI works using our Brand Assets on your site.


Let your users enjoy the convenience of their nearest PAXI point.
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Our PAXI Point Locator is just a few lines of code that need to be added to your market place.
Our Brand Assets come with clear guidelines, making implementation a breeze.
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Enjoy the simplicity of Tokens. If you’re growing at a rapid rate and think you could qualify for some bulk-buy discounts, contact our friendly advisors!

Affordable prices

Available online and in-store. Get the bag, fill the bag, and send the bag without paying for an additional delivery fee when sending.
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Returns made easy

At PAXI, we understand that being able to offer effortless returns to your customers will contribute to your business success. PAXI has easy and affordable return solutions for your business


The customer registers or requests a return from your business.


The business provides the customer with a PAXI token that is embedded with the return address for the business.


Customers buy a PAXI token bag at any PAXI Point and use the return token to send back goods for a refund.
PAXI is a convenient and affordable way to send goods for a customer back the the business.
Your Customers would only have to pay R5 for a token bag - making it even more accessible.

There are over 2800+ PAXI points to choose from to process a return parcel. 

Enables Businesses to offer affordable and effortless returns. All PAXI points stock standardised packaging for only R5. No data capture at the PAXI point. 

PAXI Parcel Portal

Are you looking for one place to manage all of your parcels? PAXI has just the solution for you. The PAXI Parcel portal allows you to create, manage and dispatch your parcels in one platform, ensuring you give the best experience to your customers.
As a business owner or a regular PAXI sender, you can register multiple parcels using our Portal. Save yourself time as you do a quick drop off, requiring only a simple parcel scan.
The portal gives you a single view of all your parcels in the system making it easier to manage and track your parcels.
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Getting started is easy.


Head to our online PAXI Portal.


Create a PAXI  Portal account.


Access all of the useful features.
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Get  more customisation with PAXI API's


If your business is looking for something more custom to meet your business needs, PAXI has a range of APIs available. Whether you just want the PAXI Points available on your site or you’d like to create shipping instructions directly into the PAXI backend our PAXI integrations make it simple.

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PAXI Insurance

Benefit- Cover - branding

Depending on your business needs, PAXI has customisable loss parcel insurance options available. Depending on the PAXI solution you are using, you have the option to buy PAXI Insurance vouchers at any PEP PAXI point or PAXI will automatically add insurance to your parcels through integration. 

Available at these stores:

PAXI Brand Assets

Benefit - Cover - Branding

PAXI not only takes care of reliable, affordable delivery for your business, but we supply brand aligned assets for you to use on your own website. These must be displayed in a required, standard format as per our guidelines below.

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