Frequently asked questions

Can I only send a parcel from PEP to PEP?
Is my parcel safe?
What am I not allowed to send?
What do I need to bring to send a parcel?
What is the maximum parcel weight I can send with PAXI?
How do I track my parcel?

PAXI for you

Is my parcel insured for loss?
Is my parcel insured for damage?
Am I supposed to receive SMS updates?
How will the person I am sending a parcel to know when the parcel is ready for collection?
What proof do I have that I dropped a parcel at a PAXI point?
How do I seal my parcel?
How should I package my parcel?
Is the price dependent on the distance or weight of the parcel?
What are the valid forms of identification that PAXI accepts?
What if my parcel cannot close?
What does a business day mean?
I recieved an SMS to collect my parcel, but I don't know where the PAXI Point is?
Can a friend or family member collect a parcel on my behalf?
What happens if the receiver doesn't collect their parcel?
My phone number has changed! What should I do?

PAXI for business

If I have multiple parcels can they be collected from my premises?
What should I do if I am experiencing technical difficulties on the portal?
How will my customers know when to collect their parcels?
I have a small business and want to offer PAXI to my customers. How do I do that?
Can I only purchase bags in PEP, Tekkie Town or Shoe City stores?
How do PAXI Returns work?
Where do I get a PAXI Return Token?
How will my customers know I have sent their parcel?

PAXI business tools

Does the PAXI location map work on Shopify or Woocommerce sites?
Does PAXI offer system integrations or API's?