Customer Returns

Not quite what you were after? If you receive an item from a supplier that supports PAXI tokens then you can return it for minimal cost.

Follow these steps below:

Step 1

Receive a PAXI token from a Business

The shop or business you made a purchase from will communicate a PAXI token with you. The PAXI token is a 13 digit code starting with the letter ‘T’.

Step 2

Find a PAXI Point

Go to your nearest participating PAXI point.

Step 3

Buy a Token bag for R5

Buy a PAXI Token bag from the cashier for only R5. Pack your return items into the bag and seal the bag.

Step 4

Provide PAXI token & return

Use the PAXI token and your ID document to send the parcel to the business. The token will already know where the parcel should go, so no need to remember any addresses. It’s that easy!