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What is PAXI


PAXI allows you to send and receive a variety of items in an easy and affordable way. From gifts and goods to your loved ones or getting your products to customers, PAXI has you covered!

Send & Receive Parcels


PAXI allows you to safely send and receive a variety of items in an affordable and convenient way. Whether it's gifts or goods to family and friends or getting your business’ products to customers; PAXI has you covered.

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PAXI for your business


PAXI offers convenient delivery options to businesses, making sure customers have affordable and reliable delivery options. PAXI enables businesses to send parcels to PAXI points and facilitate customer returns from PAXI points.

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Over 2,800 PAXI Points


With over 2800 PAXI points across South Africa, we’ve made it easier for you to drop off or collect your PAXI parcels. PAXI points are conveniently located in all PEP, Tekkie Town and Shoe City stores.

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Here's what our PAXI people have to say.

"I just want to commend PAXI. I wanted to send a parcel to my friend, but after looking at other parcel services, I felt frustrated with the drawn-out process on a not-so-user-friendly, impersonal app that I had to download and register on.  I just gave up, decided to use PAXI instead.  Took it to my nearest PEP - no apps, downloads or pre-paid money. PAXI is such a convenient, stress free service!"


"PAXI has made life very easy because I can run my online business wherever in South Africa, as long as there’s a PAXI point nearby anyone can order from me, hence it makes it very convenient for me to run my business."

- Vicky

“I started using PAXI in 2019 to run my business. I used it quite often because it’s very convenient.”

- Natheerah

“I had to look for courier company that was convenient and could deliver parcels to the bundus and local areas in South Africa. I discovered PAXI and started to use it.  I am happy with the service and have been using PAXI since April 2020.”

- Nomza

"PAXI has honestly contributed to the growth of my business, now I can reach customers that are far. I have customers as far as in Cape Town and I have never been to Cape Town. That is what I like about PAXI, I can deliver parcels to people anywhere is South Africa.”


“Most of my customers would ask me how they could receive delivery of the clothes I sell because they are not in the same province or they couldn’t physically come to my store. So I started to look up for courier services that is affordable and would be convenient. And that’s where I came across PAXI.”


“PAXI has made it so easy to send things home, because there’s no town that I know that doesn’t have a PEP store.”

- Liziwe

Frequently asked questions

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