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  • What am I not allowed to send?
    Allowed, Prohibited
    You are not allowed to send any of the following:
    • Cash
    • Firearms or explosives
    • Gas or Paraffin
    • Fluids/Liquids
    • Human remains or ashes
    • Illegal goods (these are goods which are considered illegal in South Africa), including but not limited to pirated goods, counterfeit goods and narcotics/drugs
    • Live animals (including but not limited to mammals, reptiles, birds and fish), Insects, larvae, pupae etc.
    • Clinical and or Biological samples (including but not limited to bodily fluids and tissue samples)
    • Perishable items that require a temperature-controlled environment (including but not limited to foodstuffs and flowers)
    • Pornography (whether in printed, film or digital format)
    • Tobacco, loose-leaf tobacco products or pre-rolled cigarettes
    • Prescription medication
    • Dry ice
  • May I send a parcel outside of South Africa?
    Proof, tracking, drop
    No, not yet but watch this space!
  • What do I need to bring to send a parcel?
    A PAXI bag that can be purchased at a PAXI Point
    The item(s) you want to send
    Proof of identification (ID/ Driver's license/Passport)
    Knowing beforehand which PAXI Point you want to send the parcel to helps, but if you don't know, store staff will be able to assist you
  • What are the valid forms of identification that PAXI accepts?
    Proof, ID, Passport, Drivers
    We currently accept South African ID Book, South African ID Card or South African Drivers License, as well as International Passports.
  • What proof do I have that I dropped a parcel at a PAXI point?
    Proof, tracking, drop
    When a parcel has been successfully scanned in at your drop-off PAXI Point of choice, you will receive an SMS as a "digital receipt".
  • Is my parcel insured for damage?
    Insurance, Missing
    No it isn't. Safely, securely and appropriately packing the contents of a parcel is left to the customer. As such PAXI cannot assume any liability for damaged parcels. For further details please consult our Terms and Conditions.
  • Is my parcel insured for loss?
    Stolen, Missing, Lost
    In the event of a lost parcel, PAXI's liability for any loss or damage suffered by you, will be limited to the amount of R500.00 or the value of the parcel, whichever amount is less. Please consult the Terms and Conditions on our website for more details.
  • How do I seal my parcel?
    Seal, Close
    A self adhesive strip is available in the inside flap of the PAXI bag. Peel off the strip and make sure you press the glue strip tightly onto the white part of the bag. A good seal is important to protect the contents from getting wet or falling out.
  • What if my parcel cannot close?
    Seal, Close
    It is important that the bag closes along the seal strip. If you purchase a bag that cannot seal, as second bag or a larger bag will be requried. The PAXI point and couriers reserve the right to refuse the collection and transport of unsealed bags.
  • How should I package my parcel?
    Packaging, Fragile, Broken
    Always use high-quality wrapping and filler materials and carefully consider the strength and durability of your chosen packaging. The use of boxes and filler items like bubble wrap, newspaper and packing foam is strongly encouraged if any fragile items are going to be sent.
  • What is the maximum parcel weight I can send with PAXI?
    Max, Heavy
    Parcels of up to 10kg are allowed. Should your parcel exceed this limit, PAXI reserves the right to refuse it.
  • Is the price dependent on the distance or weight of the parcel?
    Price, Cost
    No, the price is only dependent on the size of the bag and the speed of the service you have chosen.
  • How will the person I am sending a parcel to know when the parcel is ready for collection?
    Inform, SMS, Arrive, Ready
    Both you (sender) and the receiver will be informed via SMS as soon as your parcel has been delivered to your chosen destination PAXI point. Should the receiver not collect the parcel within the allowed collection window, you will receive reminders to encourage them to collect it.
  • How do I track my parcel?
    Track, Tracking, Movements, SMS
    There are multiple ways to track your parcel. You will receive SMSes throughout the parcel journey, but if you want to see some additional details you can track the parcel on our tracking page, of call the PAXI Call Centre, or track it via WhatsApp
  • Am I supposed to receive update SMSes?
    Track, Tracking, Movements, SMS
    As a sender, we will keep you updated on your parcel's movements, until it gets collected at its destination
  • What happens if they don't collect the parcel?
    Uncollected, Return
    If a parcel is left uncollected beyond its collection window, it will be sent back to the store where you dropped it off. You will be informed via SMS when it is being sent back, as well as when it arrives.
  • Can a friend or family member send a parcel on my behalf?
    Friend, Family
    Sure, but they will have to provide their proof of identification when sending.
  • Why does does it take so long?
    Time, Long, Slow
    The most economical PAXI offering makes use of low cost transportation network travels on a fixed route. As such, parcels can sometimes take a couple of days to get collected from the PAXI point, or may even travel in the opposite direction as you would expect. While the wait may be frustrating at times, it is the reason the price is as low as it is.
  • Where is PAXI available?
    Where, Locations, Stores
    Refer to our store locator page to find your closest PAXI point. Each PAXI Point will have a sign in the window displaying their unique PAXI Point code. Currently PAXI is available at PEP, PEPhome and PEPcell stores across South Africa, and we will be adding more locations in the coming months and years.
  • What if I see the chosen destination is wrong?
    Wrong, Mistake
    If the sending PAXI Point accidentally selected the incorrect destination PAXI Point, please contact the call centre to reroute your parcel to the correct one. If it has already been delivered to the incorrect destination, it can be forwarded to the correct PAXI Point. Please note that this might result in a delay of your parcel.